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    Maximize Business Value with Prescriptive Analytics

    Empower your planning teams with the best recommended actions to drive better decisions and maximize revenue

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    AIMMS named one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands

    We are proud winners of an FD Gazelle Award, a great acknowledgement for our customers and growing team

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    Bringing the Benefits of Prescriptive Analytics & Optimization to Society

    PwC and Nyenrode University Create a New AIMMS-based Decision Support Tool to Address Europe’s Refugee Crisis

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    Maximize Business Value with Prescriptive Analytics

    Empower your manufacturing and production teams with the best recommended actions to reduce costs

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Half of the Global Fortune Top 20 Use AIMMS


Strategic and tactical studies for R&D


Accelerated production planning and scheduling


Optimized supply chain network, impact analysis and growth planning

Johnson and Johnson

Planning and Scheduling


Optimized logistics resulting in higher cust sat and lower costs

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More Scenarios,
Smarter Evaluations,
Better Decisions

Are you tired of cumbersome spreadsheets that are slow, hard to manage and can no longer handle the complexity of your growing business? You could be betting your success on an inadequate tool.

When spreadsheets are no longer enough, AIMMS PRO has the flexibility and speed + the power of prescriptive analytics you need to drive better insights and results. Your bottom line will thank you.

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The new AIMMS Web UI: run applications on your browser, on any device, from any location

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Learn how Shell unlocked the Power of their Supply Chain with optimization

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