Front End Software Engineer

Location: Haarlem, the Netherlands

As Front End Software Engineer you can find jobs everywhere. Why choose AIMMS?

Three ways in which we stand out (as we see it):

  1. Software engineering challenge. Our product is used by others to develop apps, an IDE if you like. So, we must somehow anticipate the countless ways in which our products are used. Our domain is prescriptive analytics; apps that use advanced mathematics to compute optimal solutions. This means there is always heavy-lifting number-crunching behind the scenes and challenges to deliver and edit huge data sets in a browser.
  2. Our culture. Most companies are proud of their culture and so are we. It is about people, about trust, about valuing differences and about the combination of performance and care. Read in our latest Culture Book what AIMMSians write about it.
  3. Holacracy. We are self-organized using Holacracy. No managers. Plenty autonomy and transparency. Quick adjustments of organization, roles and accountabilities. A place where you can develop yourself to your full potential.

We exist to bring the benefits of prescriptive analytics to society, helping the world take smarter decisions. More specific? Our users are mathematical modeling experts that build apps for other users (who know nothing about that). They build a mathematical model, arrange its data feed and add a user interface. These models and data sets can be vast (think 'millions'). Using AIMMS' mathematical optimization power the app can then be made to compute the best (fastest, cheapest, cleanest) action and recommend this to the user in the form of numbers and graphs. Examples? European production planning, product collections per country, electricity generation with 250+ power stations, global brewery capacity planning for 60+ breweries, etc.

We serve customers all over the world, many of them Fortune 500 companies. In our offices in Haarlem, Seattle and Singapore over 50 AIMMSians cover more than 12 nationalities. We have proudly been leading our industry for almost 30 years.

And before we forget, we are looking for front-end software engineers for one of our teams in Haarlem. Here are some specifics.

Your responsibilities

As part of the team you will help:

  • redesign and update our inhouse JavaScript framework to make full use of the latest JavaScript tooling and frameworks
  • design, maintain and extend the JavaScript front-end part of the AIMMS 'UI builder';
  • maintain and extend our automated tests;
  • maintain and enhance our automated continuous delivery tools;
  • review and improve code.

Your profile

  • Engineering and writing great software is what you live for;
  • And of course you do so using sound Software Engineering concepts;
  • You prefer to cover the full life-cycle: from early design to release;
  • You are eager to release high-quality code to users;
  • You have a pro-active attitude; you are always looking for tasks to pick up and ways to help
  • colleagues. You think 'we' over 'I';
  • You are a quick-starter and quick-learner, able to add value quickly: we need you to come up
  • to speed rapidly because our users expect a lot of output;
  • You feel at ease working in a self-managing team and interacting with remote teams;
  • You are efficient, structured and organized;
  • You are comfortable with speaking and writing in English;

Your basic qualifications

You must:

  • have a master degree or comparable education in a relevant subject;
  • have strong JavaScript skills plus good knowledge of the various JavaScript frameworks and
  • tools;
  • have strong HTML5 and CSS skills;
  • preferably have experience with at least one statically typed language (Java, C++);
  • be familiar with concepts such as decoupling, cohesion and separation of concerns;
  • be able to apply OOP, OOD, Design Patterns and TDD;
  • have experience with distributed version control systems like Git or hg;
  • have experience with test/build automation;
  • be able to develop on both Linux and Windows platforms.
  • We offer a competitive salary and secondary benefits including a generous pension scheme.

Interested? Apply using the button below. For more information, contact us via or call Pauline Nobel at +31 23 5511 512. No acquisition please.