AIMMS R-Link (Beta Version)

AIMMS R-Link is a way to allow AIMMS to execute user specified R code and pass data between AIMMS and the R runtime environment, extending AIMMS optimizations and sparse execution capabilities with R's rich library ecosystem. More details, as well as examples about the AIMMS R-Link, can be found in the AIMMS R-Link documentation. The source code of the AIMMS R-Link is also publicly available at GitHub.

GPL Notice:

Because R is licensed GPL (see, we are required to release the R-Link as well under the GPL license. Our interpretation of the GPL is that we cannot distribute the R-Link together with AIMMS without causing AIMMS to be available as open source (like the R-Link is). Similarly you cannot distribute the R-Link as a library that is part of your AIMMS project or packed together into an .aimmspack file without making your AIMMS project open source. In order to distribute your project/.aimmspack you should refer to the R-Link as a system library and separately install the R-Link into the AIMMS system library folder (see documentation) such that distribution of the R-Link is always separate from your project.

Download AIMMS R Package

You can download the latest Beta version of the AIMMS R Package by clicking on one of the download links below.