Maintenance Fee

Maintenance Fee

Standard Maintenance

The standard maintenance fee of an AIMMS Development or Deployment License equals 15% of the total current and undiscounted list price (including all add-ons), per calendar year, to be paid in advance. If your AIMMS license is in maintenance, you are allowed to make use of all AIMMS releases and maintenance related services. AIMMS PRO has a different maintenance arrangement.

Long Term Maintenance

If it is convenient for you to make your maintenance decision for more than one year (pre-payment is required), you may subtract 0.75% from the maintenance charge for each additional year with a maximum of five years. For example, the maintenance for three years results in a total percentage of 15% + 14.25% + 13.5% = 42.75%. Maintenance periods always run until the end of a calendar year. From November 1st, the maintenance period is at least until the end of the next calendar year.

Overall Maintenance

If you have purchased 10 or more AIMMS licenses, you may apply for a discounted overall maintenance of your AIMMS licenses. At the end of each calendar year (when we contact you about the maintenance) you can decide to have all your licenses in maintenance for the next calendar year. If you select this option for a particular calendar year, your maintenance fee will be 12% of the total current and undiscounted list price of your installed base and all new purchases in that coming year.

Renewing unmaintained Licenses

If you have a license that is not in maintenance, but you would like to use a newer AIMMS release that is not covered through your current license arrangement, you can renew your license^. The renewal fee is 25% per version upgrade with a maximum of 75% of the current list price. This will again allow you to run all available releases of AIMMS to date. After renewing your license, you can (optional) reinstate maintenance at 15% to benefit from all releases moving forward for the duration of your maintenance period. For a specific calculation of costs or more details for renewing unmaintained licenses, please contact us.

^) Licenses that are eligible for renewal should have been purchased from AIMMS within the last 5 years and have equal functionality; other discounts do not apply. If your license setup no longer exists, we might not be able to renew your license as is; in that case, we will make an offer to upgrade to an existing license profile. Renewal rights are non-transferable.

* Pricing terms & conditions

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