We have created a 2-day workshop format to give users an opportunity to learn and share their AIMMS learning experience in a group setting. This hands-on workshop will be led by one or more of our AIMMS experts. They will provide guidance while you are working on various exercises.

The workshop is geared to help you to make immediate use of the advanced productivity tools and features of AIMMS.

Workshop Format:

Day 1 Day 2
-   Model Building -   End-User Interface
-   Structuring Large Models -   Pages and Templates
-   Quantities and Units -   Gantt Charts and Network Objects
-   Linking to a Database -   User-Defined Menus
-   Linking your own DLL to AIMMS -   Data Management


To register for a workshop, please fill out this PDF and email it as an attachment to If you prefer to schedule an exclusive 2-day workshop at your company’s office, or if you are interested in a customized workshop, please send an e-mail to


Schedule of Workshops






Shanghai or Singapore


May 24-25    
June - 14-15 20-21
July 19-20 - -
August - 16-17 15-16
September - - -
October 17-18 18-19 11-12
November - - -
December 6-7 12-13 14-15


Conference Workshops

If you are attending any conferences in the near future, please inquire about convenient pre-conference or post-conference workshops that may be available.