AIMMS Launches Lifecycle Navigator, an App to Optimize Product Portfolio Decisions Using Prescriptive Analytics and Visualization

Seattle, Washington, April 25, 2018 - AIMMS is pleased to announce the release of Lifecycle Navigator, a new Application in the SC Navigator suite of Apps. Lifecycle Navigator helps supply chain professionals optimize their sales and operations planning, inventory and production decisions to maximize margin and revenue.  

Ideal for organizations that contend with seasonality and volatile demand, Lifecycle Navigator provides more visibility into the lifecycle of different products in your portfolio. You can use historical data to visualize where a product is likely to be in the product lifecycle (growing, stable, declining). You can also use the App to understand the lifecycle mix of your product portfolio and how it changes over time. It enables you to analyze product growth and decline trends and their impact on revenue, costs and inventory. With Lifecycle Navigator, you can:  

  • Avoid unnecessary production or inventory accumulation for a declining product 

  • Inform sales about growth trends to identify optimal products to focus on 

  • Drill down into individual SKU lifecycle performance  

What makes Lifecycle Navigator different?  

The Lifecycle Navigator App has embedded analytics that provide “early signals” and powerful recommended responses (or prescriptions) for optimal business outcomes. It's built on the AIMMS Prescriptive Analytics engine, which has been trusted for nearly 3 decades by companies like Unilever, Shell, GE and Johnson & Johnson. It includes best of breed, embedded optimization to review all variables and constraints and determine the best course of action based on your specific business objectives. It combines powerful optimization with a cloud-based environment that is easy to use and deploy. 

Lifecycle Navigator is integrated with other supply chain applications in the AIMMS SC Navigator suite, such as S&OP, Network Optimization and Inventory Optimization. As such, it uses data across apps, helping you avoid multiple integration projects and additional implementation costs.  

Read more or request a demo to see it in action. 

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