Holacracy at AIMMS, one year in

Our team reflects on the adoption of this system of self-organization

Haarlem, the Netherlands, April 10, 2018 – In late 2016, AIMMS embarked on a journey of self-organization by adopting Holacracy. Today, we reflect on the progress we've made and how Holacracy has contributed to our development as a team.  

Holacracy is a self-management practice in which authority and decision-making are distributed to teams and roles rather than through a management hierarchy. Since our beginnings in 1989, AIMMS has been a company led by its core values of trust, integrity, a long-term view and a commitment to teamwork. By adopting Holacracy, we sought to marry high performance with care – care for our values, our customers and ourselves. From a product development stance, Holacracy fits our Agile way of working.   

In a recent surveya large majority of AIMMS employees indicated that AIMMS should continue operating under Holacracy. Easier to experiment with improvements, better understanding of expectations and faster responses to changes were seen as the most positive aspects of Holacracy. 

Studying roles at our Holacracy kick-off, late 2016

Holacracy allows us to act faster. It fosters our personal development, helps us communicate better, and increases transparency within our company. Thanks to Holacracy, we were able to release AIMMS SC Navigator in record time. We have also implemented AIMMS University, a training program for employees to learn new skills, work on their personal development and improve their Holacracy practice.

Instead of following a hierarchical system of organization, we are organized in Circles, each with a purpose that contributes to our greater purpose: to bring the benefits of Prescriptive Analytics to society. 

AIMMS' Gijs Dullaert says: "As we continue to scale up, we could either go with silos and departments or increase agility by choosing self-organization instead of management hierarchies. With Holacracy, we are constantly re-organizing ourselves towards optimality. Combining self-organization with our purpose-driven culture allows us to unleash our collective intelligence in the best possible way."  

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About Holacracy®, the Practice

Holacracy® is a radical new way of working.  It completely replaces the conventional management hierarchy with a tested, customizable self-management practice that increases transparency, accountability, and organizational agility. Through a transparent rule set and a tested meeting process, the Holacracy practice empowers people throughout an organization to make meaningful decisions and drive change. 

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