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See what Gartner analysts have to say about AIMMS' capabilities

AIMMS is a Gartner-recognized Cool Vendor 

We have been featured in dozens of Gartner reports across the years, 15 in 2017 alone.  

Why Cool? "AIMMS enables breaking down barriers to rapid response and innovation by providing a platform to develop, test, deploy and iterate new optimization apps with unprecedented speed, covering all areas of the supply chain, such as network optimization and end-to-end deployment optimization. It can be used to break new ground in optimizing new types of operations, or optimizing existing operations in an innovative manner, enabling the concept of "continuous optimization." 

A selection of Gartner reports we've been featured in:  

Market Guide for Supply Chain Analytics Technology, 2018

Mentioned as Representative Vendor for AIMMS SC Navigator and The AIMMS Prescriptive Analytics Platform. 

Analyst insight "The market for supply chain analytics technology is evolving. Solutions include all or a subset of descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive and AI capabilities." 

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Explore and Understand Gartner's Supply Chain Management Applications Stack, 2018

Mentioned as vendor for "Supply Chain Specialty." 

Analyst insight "Several areas of supply chain management are adopting more advanced decision support methods and tools. This is falling under the umbrella of analytics and big data, and is gaining momentum. Companies will need to formulate strategies that consider both enterprise wide decision making and enhancing embedded decision making within specific functional applications."

Gartner Hype Cycle for Supply chain planning

Mentioned as sample vendor for Prescriptive AnalyticsNetwork Design and Segmented Design.  

Analyst insight "The impact of prescriptive analytics is significant in the supply chain. Prescriptive analytics can improve decision making in functional areas like planning, sourcing and logistics. More importantly, prescriptive analytics can be deployed to improve the end-to-end supply chain performance because it can recommend a course of action that best manages the trade-offs among conflicting functional goals."

IT Market Clock for Supply Chain Planning and End-to-End Technology

Mentioned as a sample vendor for Advanced Analytics and Integrated Business Planning

Analyst insight "Advanced analytics span predictive and prescriptive analytics. Predictive analytics are techniques to analyze data, identify patterns and anticipate future scenarios. Predictive techniques include simulation, statistical modeling, forecasting and machine learning."   

"Stage 4 and Stage 5 sales and operations planning (S&OP), or integrated business planning (IBP) is supported by a set of technologies that provide a closed-loop performance management environment to support the strategic alignment, modeling and trade-off capabilities that are often missing from the traditional, operationally focused Stage 3 S&OP technology."

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Hype Cycle for Analytics and BI

Mentioned as a sample vendor for Prescriptive Analytics

Analyst insight "Significant business benefits are common — obtained by improving the quality of decisions, reducing costs or risks, and increasing efficiency or profits. Common use cases include customer treatments, loan approvals, claims triage, and many kinds of optimization problems such as supply chain or network optimization and scheduling. Prescriptive analytics can also be a business differentiator for planning processes, whether it be financial or production or distribution planning, allowing users to explore multiple scenarios and compare recommended courses of action." 

Magic Quadrant for Sales & Operations Planning

Magic Quadrant for Sales and Operations Planning Systems of Differentiation, 2017

Mentioned as a "Visionary."

Analyst insight "AIMMS has an above-average understanding of where the S&OP market is heading in terms of integrated planning, both horizontally and vertically aligned."

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2017 Strategic Roadmap for Chemical Product Supply Orchestration

2017 Strategic Roadmap for Chemical Product Supply Orchestration

Mentioned as a provider of "production planning and detailed scheduling solutions" along with our partner Ab Ovo.

Analyst insight "Network constraints make it difficult for supply chain organizations to develop feasible operating plans that balance with financial performance metrics. This emphasizes functional efficiency and business strategies calling for increased supply agility."

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Market Guide for Supply Chain Cost-to-Serve Analytics Technology

Market Guide for Supply Chain Cost-to-Serve Analytics Technology, 2017

Mentioned as a Supply Chain Modeling Vendor.

Analyst insight "Supply chain leaders recognize that the current allocation of supply chain costs to customers and products is not well-tied to the actual drivers. A lack of visibility to true profitability leads to less pro table products and services. As a result, many supply chain strategists, in partnership with finance, are creating analytical models to more accurately reflect these relationships. The desire to make more informed supply chain and product decisions has also led to the formation and growth of the cost-to-serve (CTS) solution market."

Hype Cycle for Oil & Gas

Hype Cycle for Oil and Gas Technologies, 2017

Mentioned as a vendor for Prescriptive Analytics.

Analyst insight "Digital innovation has become a strategic priority for the industry in 2017. CIOs are responding, but are challenged by an overwhelming array of opportunities. This Hype Cycle can help CIOs create optimal plans by clarifying the business impact, maturity and risks of emerging digital technologies."

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Gartner Adopt Supply Chain Modeling

Mentioned as a modeling platform for developing an "Inhouse modeling tool." 

Analyst insight "This approach is typically chosen by more analytically mature companies that have the modeling skill sets that can lead the creation and maintenance of various models. The strategists expect to need modeling capabilities to represent and improve a variety of supply chain use cases. This approach usually appeals to organizations who believe their functional requirements are too unique to be met by commercially available modeling solutions."  

Gartner Hype Cycle for Supply chain strategy

Mentioned as sample vendor for Prescriptive Analytics, and Network Design.  

Analyst insight "Leading companies are creating detailed models for more frequent design evaluations in light of newer use cases (multichannel fulfillment, transportation ow optimization, sustainability objectives), and to respond to changes in economic conditions or to trade and tariff policies. Using simulation for sensitivity analysis, insights from these models are used to optimize network locations, capabilities and material flows. In new product launches, creating a suitable network design early in the life cycle before functional constraints are in place allows for better optimization of the total costs to serve."