Find out why half of the Fortune Global Top 20 use AIMMS

Real Impact. Significant Business Results.

People in today’s companies make thousands of decisions every day. Those decisions include the spectrum of strategic, operational and tactical decisions.  They can range from those executed daily, such as inventory or workforce planning decisions to the larger, less frequent decisions such as supply chain network optimization, pricing or portfolio planning. 

Raising the collective intelligence of your staff and improving decision-support across your organization can add significant value.  Bain & Company research shows that “companies with advanced analytics capabilities outperform rivals because they make better decisions, make them faster and execute them better.”

In addition, a recent Gartner Report, Use Cases for an Enterprise Supply Chain Modeling Platform, highlights how companies are already using modeling platforms to explore options and choose scenarios tailored to their strategy and business objectives.  Interviews with AIMMS, as well as three AIMMS customers (BP, JBS and Papyrus), contributed to this new report that included benefits from using modeling platforms, lessons learned and recommendations.

The key benefits mentioned by those using modeling platforms like AIMMS included:

  • Business Innovation
  • Speed to Realization
  • Flexibility and Scalability
  • Cost Reduction
  • Efficiency Improvement

Our customers have shared the inspiring results they have achieved by using our technology.

TNT Express

TNT Express

TNT Express has implemented efficiencies that have saved the company over $260 million while simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint by 283,000 metric tons.



Shell developed a Custom Production Solution that saved them $137 million


GE Grid and MidwestISO

GE Grid and MidwestISO used a custom AIMMS-based Smart Grid Solution to save $3 billion.
Another $6.1-$8.1 billion in savings is expected by 2020