Implementing AIMMS

Supporting your Prescriptive Analytics journey

Is your organization ready to get started?

AIMMS has been in the Prescriptive Analytics business for over 25 years and together with our customers, we have been able to develop best practices to help you implement quickly and effectively.

Most initial Prescriptive Analytics applications are built and deployed in 2-8 weeks. The first step is a 2-day Proof of Concept Workshop.

If you are a student or academic organization and are ready to get started you can Get A Free Academic License.

Join a Proof of Concept workshop

The workshop is a proven method that helps you and your team discover the value of Prescriptive Analytics and see its benefits first-hand.

How it works

Our POC workshop is a 2-day collaborative App development process that starts by defining an important business problem. We invite key stakeholders from your company, typically your Supply Chain Executive, functional, data and IT contributors together with end users.

The initial half-day is spent 'white-boarding' the functional solution. Unlike traditional technologies this functional information is then translated into the AIMMS modeling language in full view of the group – it's truly a glass-box type effort such that all team members understand both the functional and technology components of the solution – it supports rapid adoption.

Starting day 2, the model is published as an end-user application and users can quickly tailor the user interface so that the application becomes 'their application'. The team can immediately start experimenting with an application, running scenarios and providing business recommendations.

Fulfilling remaining data needs, automating data feeds and testing the application takes typically between 2-8 weeks, at which point you are able to deploy, drive business benefit and start on your next Prescriptive Analytics application! 

The speed of implementation is much faster than organizations typically experience. The only way to believe it is to experience it yourself. 

Why participate in a POC workshop?

  • Save time by defining your needs and building a prototype from the get go

  • Work collaboratively from the start by engaging the right stakeholders in a hands-on session

  • Bridge the gap between business and IT

  • Break the cycle - drive innovation

  • Ensure that technology supports, not hinders, your processes

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