We Are Here to Help You Succeed

Our friendly and dedicated support team gets you up and running quickly and is here to help you be successful. We are proud to say that on average we have at least 90% customer satisfaction with our support.  And with a team spanning across Europe, the US and Asia, along with our round the clock coverage on weekdays, our customer support is ideal to address the needs of large, multinational customers.

The role of our AIMMS Specialists is to:

  • Assist with ramp up and onboarding
  • Help our customers get the most out of the extensive AIMMS capability
  • Provide support during development and implementation
  • Tackle challenges or issues 
  • Get you and your staff trained via webinars, in-person and custom training

What you can expect

We don’t outsource our support. Our global customer support team is made up of passionate and highly trained experts.  Whether through email or over the phone, the person you speak with will be:

  • Helpful
  • Knowledgeable
  • Friendly
  • Transparent

Need some help? Please contact our Customer Support for questions at Support@aimms.com