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The purpose of sales and operations planning (S&OP) is to anticipate important questions today to prevent them from causing urgent issues 12 months from now. A successful S&OP process incorporates demand planning and forecasting, supply planning, and new product introductions, enabling management to make integrated decisions that are beneficial for the business. Every company has different business drivers and different requirements for S&OP and plans can't be rigid, but adaptable and dynamic. This makes S&OP implementation a difficult process, especially when it comes to finding the right tools. Best of breed packages often have limited flexibility, poor connectivity and lack powerful optimization capabilities.

S&OP Navigator, part of the SC Navigator suite of Apps, is a Sales & Operations Planning Application that is quick to configure and intuitive to use. It facilitates ease of collaboration and uses powerful, embedded Prescriptive Analytics for scenario modelling.

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Shape your own S&OP Application

Our user-friendly App Wizard guides you through the options and makes it easy to set up your App using a set of questions that capture your unique operational constraints, goals, costs and risks. S&OP Navigator is seamlessly integrated with the Data Navigator App, helping you import and structure the data you need to craft an easily adaptable S&OP plan.

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Benefits of S&OP Navigator

Companies that use AIMMS for S&OP have improved planning accuracy by over 70%.

Achieve higher revenue
and retain more margin.

Adjust supply plans
dynamically and foster
frictionless collaboration.

Move away from fragile, slow and time consuming
spreadsheets to something more robust and easier to maintain