AIMMS Developer

AIMMS Developer

AIMMS Development Environment

AIMMS Developer offers an all-round development environment for the creation of high-performance decision support and advanced planning applications to optimize strategic operations. It allows organizations to rapidly improve the quality, service, profitability, and responsiveness of their operations.  The AIMMS development environment possesses a unique combination of advanced features and design tools, such as the graphical model explorer, which allow you to build and maintain complex decision support applications and advanced planning systems in a fraction of the time required by conventional programming tools.

AIMMS Solution Components Overview

AIMMS Developer offers a complete solution for the presentation, business rules and data layers of a business application, from which a developer can select the layers relevant in a particular application. The graphical user interface, the model with solvers, and all data and data management are tightly integrated in AIMMS, but can also be used independently to allow the construction of scalable, modular and ‘fault tolerant’ application components. AIMMS facilitates the communication with various data sources, such as ODBC compliant databases, Excel and XML documents. AIMMS also provides C++/COM API and an SDK for external access to a model, allowing developers to use AIMMS in a way that fits into their current IT infrastructure and business needs best.
The figure below provides a top-level overview of the components available in AIMMS to accomplish these tasks.

AIMMS Components